Professional Repair

Bicycle workshop is adapted for all disciplines: E-bike, MTB, trekking, road bike, gravel, trail,  BMX, city bike, tricycle, vintage. All the repairs carried out in our bicycle workshop are made to seek the total satisfaction of our customers.


We can change your own batteries and charger for new ones. Increase battery potential 9Ah, 11Ah, 13 Ah, 15 Ah, 17 Ah. Inspection and service of the motor and the rest of its electrical components. Actualization software for e-bikes.


We have practically all the necessary parts to repair your bicycle from the best brands Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo and we have specific tools to carry out our work in the fastest and most effective way. Cleaning service available.


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Why Us?

Best Stock Availability

Sale of new bicycles of the best brands: Kalkoff, Victoria, KROSS, CROSS, DRAG, E BICI

20 Years of Experience

Professional journey and Passion for the world of cycling – for our health and for the environment


Electric bikes are the future! We have lots of models. We can change your own batteries too